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We have an unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of organizational excellence and strategic leadership

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& restructuring​
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40% of all companies that hire interim managers
have fewer than 250 employees


Interim Management

Manfred Götz

Managing Director

Further development of an uneconomical listed IT company with 30 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 1.5 million to up to 150 employees and an annual turnover of over EUR 20 million. Establishment of new locations and subsidiaries, as well as return to profitability

  • Distinctive financial and capital market expertise with an extensive personal network of investors, banks, analysts and journalists
  • Successful implementation of various capital measures (capital increases, convertible bonds, acquisitions).
  • Successful co-foundation and development of two medium-sized IT consulting companies
  • Successful restructuring of a medium-sized IT/telecommunications provider

Thomas Benz​

Management Consultant

Overall responsibility as managing director of a medium-sized ISV for restructuring and realignment. Management of various consulting and sales units as well as the economic and technical development of branches (throughout Germany).

  • Strong sales expertise through various sales and sales management positions
  • IT strategy development and operational roll-out for a medium-sized mechanical engineering company
  • Many years of experience as an IT consultant and project steering board member in strategic projects
  • Many years of professional experience for various US ISVs as well as in international project and customer environments

The Mandate

360 degree analysis of a medium-sized special machine manufacturer
regarding process optimization and IT strategy

Maturity level determination

Guiding a medium-sized special machine manufacturer towards refined process optimization and strategic IT advancements

(IT) interfaces

Navigate the intricate web of (IT) interfaces with precision, as we assess and optimize connectivity to elevate the operational efficiency

Business requirements​

Addressing the core drivers of success, our examination of Business Requirements goes beyond the surface


Fostering enhanced collaboration and synergy throughout the process optimization and IT strategy journey


Ensuring that process optimization and IT strategy are underpinned by unwavering protection and trust

Business risks​

Identifying and mitigating potential challenges, in order to safeguard the business

IT Delta Analysis

A pivotal tool, unraveling the nuanced shifts and opportunities in technology landscapes

IT strategy draft​

Laying the foundation for a transformative journey in process optimization and technology integration

Management buy-in

Ensuring a collective commitment to the envisioned changes, as we forge ahead


Marking the pivotal phase where strategic visions materialize into tangible results

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