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Project Brief

IT Infrastructure for a large, publicly-traded company

As part of the current project, an infrastructure was built that is currently distributed across two data centers.

This platform (primarily VMware, networks also virtualized) serves as the basis for IT-supported processes of a large company in North Rhine-Westphalia.​


  • Approx. 130 servers (48 or 96 cores each, 750 – 1500 GB RAM), ​The majority of them are equipped with NVIDIA P100
  • 30 or 40 PT storage​
  • Approximately 2000 Windows systems

Video Conference System

  • Approximately 3,500 physical devices (usually Cisco DX80)
  • Approximately 10,000 soft clients
  • More than 34,000 calls per month, approx. 16,000 hours

Process Applications

  • Evaluation of video surveillance
  • Forensics for evaluating data carriers (for malware, etc.)
  • Criminal forensics​
  • Further training, etc.


  • Patch & security management
  • Monitoring​
  • Network​
  • Introduction and operation of the central ticket system

Selective or holistic engagements​

Topics covered by our experts

Other areas of responsibility

Setting up and operating the Linux systems

  • Connection of Linux systems to AD
  • “Golden Image” for Linux systems
  • Vulnerability test for Linux systems
  • Automated patching​
  • Implementation of new Linux systems
  • Setting up and configuring a wide variety of Linux applications

Trainings and Introductions

  • Operation of the training process
  • Introduction to automation: Docker, Docker Swarm, Terraform, etc. …​
  • Introduction and responsible further development of DevOps techniques

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Managing Director

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