Navigating the Digital Landscape: Five Crucial Roles of Successful IT Leaders – Pt4 – Building Strong Teams 

Blog News Navigating the Digital Landscape: Five Crucial Roles of Successful IT Leaders – Pt4 – Building Strong Teams 

4. Building Strong Teams

Behind every successful IT initiative is a team of skilled and motivated professionals. Leadership in IT involves more than just technical expertise; it requires the ability to build and lead high-performing teams. This includes cultivating a positive work culture, providing professional development opportunities, and fostering effective communication. A cohesive and well-functioning team is not only more productive but also better equipped to handle the complexities of IT projects. 

Many of us know leaders who seem to effortlessly inspire their teams and I am sure some rare individuals build great teams intuitively but for the most part, it only appears effortless. The vast literature around team building isolates a few (5 -8) key principles implemented by leaders of successful teams. A key point to acknowledge here is that the focus switches to how the team members interact with each other, rather than with their leader(s). This can be difficult for some leaders to grasp and act on, especially if leaders do not also actively participate as ‘hands-on” team members.   

Over half of all tasks within companies are implemented by teams rather than individuals, so the importance of building cohesive and empowered teams cannot be ignored. The complexity of the task is however high and I found Salas & Tannenbaum (2020) most helpful regarding practical tips and also contextual guidance. More conceptual and thought-provoking guidance can be had from Harrington & Mackin (2013)

Teams are complex and require care and support from their leaders, but the rewards of maintaining a strong team can be a real force multiplier for any IT organization, or as Michael Jordan put it:

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. 

Michael Jordan

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